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Body Contouring

What is PureSculpt?

PureSculpt™ Treatment is the only treatment at the moment that targets to specific areas of the body organically in one treatment. This treatment is only one hour long, and the benefits are outstanding. *Clients have lost 2 to 4 inches in just one session and their skin and cellulite has diminished. This treatment works to combine and improve the fat burning action and reaffirming the skin without diet or exercise.

An application technique with PureSculpt™ will activate the skin blood flow and Thermogenesis. All of this while making a tightening effect enhancing skin firmness.

The active ingredients absorb into your body and dispose of toxins, firming, toning, activating the production of collagen and elastin. By this activation is is giving oxygen to the cells and revitalizing the skin. These herbs and clays will dissolving fat deposits, so skin looks firmer and cellulite free. And best of al, its Organic!


What is difference between cold and hot treatments?
Cold treatments help tone skin while hot treatments enhance loss of firmness, generating sagging. No heat wrap, sash thermal or thermal treatment gives you what PureSculpt™ Body offers:

  • Firmness in your body

  • Burns stored fat

  • Molds your body to how you want it

  • Diminishes coloring of stretch marks

  • Smoother skin

  • Diminishes cellulite

  • Boosts your energy

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Our Body Contouring

Slimming Detox Body Wrap w/ Laser Lipo Belt 

Our Slimming Detox Contour Wrap gives the client an additional option of a showerless 60 minute contouring. 

Cellulite Treatment 

Combo Service! You will receive a full radio frequency skin tightening session along with wood therapy and vacuum therapy to help rid your body of cellulite!

Skin Tightening 

Uses radio frequency to tighten any loose skin. Helps the body to build collagen. Also reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Butt Enhancement  

This procedure is performed with wood therapy, vacuum therapy and radio frequency. 

Lipo Cavitation 

Uses ultrasonic waves to release the fat from its cells. Helps to get rid of flabby fat. 

Laser Lipo  

Pain free laser pads will be applied to your area of choice! Helps to break down firm pockets of fat.

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