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Dyes in Skincare Products

Taking proper/good care of your skin is exceptionally crucial for both men and women.  Dyes in Skincare products is a known phenomenon now, but not too many of us. Many of us still do not know what is inside those tubes and bottles. 

The use of dyes in skincare products is not a new method or phenomenon. It was done earlier and is done even now. There is no new thing. But now people are becoming more and more aware of what they are putting on their skin. No one wants to experience bad skin because of skincare products.

It all began with the use of natural colorants or dyes in skincare products. Soon, people found an alternative to the natural pigments and got their hands on the artificial colors. Natural colorants were replaced with deadly fake ones, and people began noticing the changes. After the frequent and consequent use of dyes in skincare products and makeup, people were affected and started complaining about their severe side-effects. 

In the past few years, the use of skincare products has increased insanely. But, let me give a little reality check, 'natural' skincare products that are supposed to provide you with a natural glow are made of synthetics materials and dyes. That, too, different types of dyes. The dyes in skincare products make your products look good and smell good. But these dyes do not do the same for your skin. 

Dyes in skincare products are potentially harmful to your skin and its overall health. Different types of dyes are used in your skincare products. They are obtained from different sources and can be made from tons of various other elements. But, no matter what the ingredients or elements from which they are obtained, they all are quite a con for your skin. 

The dyes in skincare products may cause skin disease, rashes, irritation, and much more. And thus, if your skin is sensitive, then you must take a sneak peek into the ingredients of the products that you use in your skin before applying, or you can even take a patch test (apply it on a small portion of your skin) before you start using any product. 

The risks of dyes in skincare products.

The artificial ingredients or dyes in your skincare products do nothing except giving them the effect of good smell and good looks. However, they can even turn out to be a matter of concern for your skin. There are several disadvantages of the dyes in skincare products and makeup.

Several pieces of research prove the existence of these advantages.  

1) Can block your pores.

The dyes in skincare products can potentially block your pores and make it hard for your skin to breathe. The pores blocking can lead to severe acne problems. 

 2) Severe health problems.

Besides lousy skin or skin full of acne and pimples, the dyes in skincare products can also give you health-related severe problems and issues. 

3) Irritation and Rashes.

The skin of every individual/person is different from the other one. And thus, some people have sensitive skin, and some are not. That is why some people can get rashes and irritations due to the dye in skincare products.  

4) Breakouts.

The artificial chemicals or dyes in skincare products can potentially give your skin a tough time. Your skin pores will be blocked, and you will develop acne.

Many people have complained about the breakouts that they experience from some skincare products. These were the primary disadvantages, but besides these, there are several other cons that you can experience because of the dyes in skincare products. 



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