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Celluma Led Light Therapy

Celluma Led Light Therapy

Celluma LED, Low-Light Therapy for Wrinkles and Acne

The award-winning Celluma is the choice of skin care professionals globally! Celluma devices have more FDA clearances and Medical CE Certific­ations than any other single LED device on the market. Celluma has also been awarded CE Medical Certification as a Dermal Wound Healing Device in the European Union.


Celluma products are FDA cleared for pain management and skin conditions including wrinkles and acne. Celluma uses light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells.


We have chosen Celluma because we believe that using the right LED equipment is essential to achieving the best results. Celluma's manufacturer, Biophotas has developed extensive, proven research that documents the efficacy of Celluma.

What is LED, low level light therapy?


Low-level-light therapy or photobiomodulation is based on Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and is the application of light energy to the body for therapeutic benefits. The energy delivered by the LEDs has been shown to enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, as well as stimulate the production of collagen — the foundation of healthy, smooth skin. Research has shown that LED light therapy may help smooth skin texture, improve skin firmness and resilience, increase lymphatic system activity, restore skin’s natural cellular activity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and superficial hyperpigmentation. 

What is the purpose of LED Light Therapy?


Based on extensive research, low-level-light therapy devices have been cleared by the FDA, and shown to manage:


Mild to moderate acne vulgaris

Superficial, benign vascular and pigment lesions

Periorbital wrinkles and rhytides

Sub-optimal local blood flow and circulation

Minor muscle and joint aches

Minor muscle and joint pain

Pain and stiffness associated with arthritis

Minor arthritis or muscle spasms

Minor chronic neck and shoulder pain of a musculoskeletal origin


Our Celluma Led Light Therapy

Celluma LED Light Therapy

Add-On Celluma Light Therapy Treatment To Any 1 Hour Facial Service.

Single, Stand-Alone Celluma LED Light Therapy Treatment

This service includes cleansing, exfoliation, 30 minute Celluma Treatment and post treatment moisturizing.

Series of 4,6 0r 12 Celluma LED Light Therapy Treatments

We recommend 2-3 treatments per week. This service includes cleansing, exfoliation, 30 minute Celluma Treatment and post treatment moisturizing.

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